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When Jenos catch you with Void Grip, you only need to use your poppy bomb, (for this situations you should go Jolt) then you have to escape as quickly as you can, if he goes The Power of Cosmeum, doesn't matter, you are inmune to Crowd Control.
Submitted by MegaKun5896 5 minutes ago
if evie is going wormhole, keep track of her location when she blinks. Spam broadside there.. 80% of the time she will blink back, jump in time for the broadside to explode.. killing her instantly...
Submitted by iampiofficial 1 week ago
keep your distance, choose burst mode... if he uses scamper to rush you, use hustle to run away... When he is out of range, start shooting him.
Submitted by iampiofficial 2 weeks ago
So.. Just cycle through the abilities of inara, first right click, then f , then q. Cycle through them...
Submitted by iampiofficial 2 weeks ago
If damage, with Lightning Rod Card in level 3, you can easily sustain a stalemate with a Raum in 1v1, if another enemy appears, depending on who it is, you can easily win the battle, with Raum being the main target so you can easily get health regen
Submitted by OlCat 3 weeks ago