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When u hear the Kinetic Burst sound or see the animation, use your shield to tank the next hit. For her dash use Commander's Grab, that has a bigger hitbox, in the direction she is looking. And when she ults, use your ultimate to take her out.
Submitted by ChaVyee 2 weeks ago
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Submitted by naughtycallgirl0 1 month ago
Raum has a big hitbox, and Inara's bloom is impressive. So, jumping with her (and away from his gun) allows you to hit him more than he hits you.
Submitted by bloomspeed 1 month ago
Get Nimble from the item shop. Being lighter on your feet and with proper positioning (especially with warder's field enabled), you can circle him counter-clockwise (away from his gun). This allow you to hit him without him ever hitting you.
Submitted by bloomspeed 1 month ago
Impasse will soak up a lot of Raum's damage from his ult.
Submitted by bloomspeed 1 month ago