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General vs Ash
Ash is super annoying to deal with. Her damage output is surprisingly high for a tank, but only at close range(unless they have slug shot). pick her off from a distance if at all possible. if not then wait for backup, you Will need it.
Submitted by PufferfishGod 3 weeks ago
Any good Drogoz player will open with a Fire Spit and Salvo combo, you NEED to get away from this as it has the potential to do 2,400 damage. Use FrostFire glide first to escape this, and then pick him off while his gun is on its cooldown.
Submitted by PufferfishGod 3 weeks ago
General vs Vivian
Buy wrecker, and u will destroy that shield she is very weak without it
Submitted by ali_iii 3 weeks ago
Terminus is a very good match up against Imani. With his ability "power siphon" which absorbs her attacks, and even her ultimate. Terminus just can't reach Imani very well, but can kill her with his ultimate.
Submitted by Whoosh 1 month ago
Your ult is arguably worth much less than vivians ult in the long run, so letting her keep the drones up is a bad idea. If you have your ult when you hear her pull out her drones, seek her out and use your ultimate to kill her and her drones quickly.
Submitted by GamingRaven 1 month ago