No, it is not! Account registration is only required if you want to use all of the features that PaladinsCounter serves you. Registered users can mark their favorite picks, write comments, tips and experience rewards and are also able to opt-in for testing new beta features.
Yes, absolutely! We do not charge users for account registration. That would be ridiculous!
The short answer: Yes, most likely!

The long answer:
We are storing passwords as crypted hashes, which means that even the PaladinsCounter team has no access to it. Anyway, we suggest that you use a different password for PaladinsCounter than you use it for Paladins, your e-mail or other important accesses like Paypal, Ebay and so on.


You can vote for a particular matchup or champion only once every 24 hours. There are no limits concerning voting once on different item, though it may happen that you need to prove that you are a human in case you vote often in short time.
In this case, please do not hesitate to contact us via social media or e-mail!

Monthly Tip Awards

You can win more than once, but not more than once per month!
If you wrote the two highest rated tips and there are two prices, you won't win both prizes. The third highest rated tip writer will win the other prize then.
Unfortunately you are not eligible for a prize then. Please make sure to verify the account before the month is over!
It does not! All tips are eligible

Using the page

It'd be great to tell us what exactly happened, so we can fix the problem and make your experience great again ;-)
You can write us through the contact form or social media. In case of a security issue, please contact us directly through the form and don't spread information about the bug itself on other platforms to prevent abuse
Because we detected that you are using an old browser! Not only that this could influence your user experience when using PaladinsCounter, it poses also a security risk for yourself and your computer. So please, update it and do yourself a favor.
Unfortunately not. PaladinsCounter is only available in English. That's also the reason why comments, tips and other user contributions should be in English too.
No, but as already claimed, Hi-Rez Studios own the rights to some of the content shown on this site. isn't endorsed by Hi-Rez Studios and doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Hi-Rez Studios or anyone officially involved in producing or managing Paladins. This means: This product is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Hi-Rez Studios Inc. or any of its affiliates.
We guess that you are referring to the fuzzy search algorithm we are using. Yes, it might be a bit unconvenient, but can cover a lot more results and is even faster in some cases!
Hey! Great that you've noticed. Just to be honest, we focused on the functions of the page first. Second was the design for desktop PCs, because all Paladins players have a desktop pc or laptop. But don't worry, we are working on a better mobile design!


All vote results are based on user inputs. These are no official values.
In like manner, all comments, report and tips are written by users and do not reflect the opinion of the PaladinsCounter team.
First of all, every match is based on teamwork as well as on own skill and experience. Additionally, our counterpick suggestions can help you and your team to win the game. Of course is it possible that an enemy will win against you, even when PaladinsCounter "predicts" that you counter the enemy champion.
Keep in mind that every match iss different!
You can express your meaning by downvoting the specific item and add a comment! In case that a comment infringes the rules, please get in touch with us through e-mail or social media
You can vote already anonymously without an account. In case you want to write comments or reports, create an account here
It depends. If the redesign changes major parts of a champion, several things will happen:
  • The votes of all matchups containing this champion will be reset to 0
  • All comments, tips and other contributions concerning this champion will be "locked" and marked as "old"
Otherwise, no further actions will be taken.
This will follow the same scheme like we handle a redesign of a champion. User contributions of champions and matchups that were changed a lot will receive a "season tag" and will be locked.
First of all, regarding all graphics from Paladins, you need to get in touch with Hi-Rez Studios for the permissions.
For everything else (also including user contributions) there are some simple rules:
  • You are allowed to use content for articles or non-commercial projects, as long as you credit and backlink PaladinsCounter
  • In case you want to use parts of the page for a commercial project, please contact us for a written permissions