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If you happen to see a makoa and don't have any teammates on you, just back off and poke him if possible. It won't be long till one of your teammates Joins in. If so. Take him out toghether and try your best not to be in his hook range.
Submitted by Biniata 20 hours ago
As @mcdude said. Save your reversal untill she had used her pounce. After that try to get as close as possible to get a punch on her. A decent amount of maeve players freak and use pounce to get some cover before going out again. Chase her.
Submitted by Biniata 20 hours ago
You can kill Drogoz while he is using Dragon Punch if you stick at least 3 bombs on the ground and explode when Drogoz get closer to them.
Submitted by PedTr 1 week ago
You won't take any damage from Bomb King's ultimate if you use Battle Shout at the same time that BK explodes.
Submitted by PedTr 1 week ago
Ying's illusions can be used as barriers when BK is at his ultimate, they prevent BK from moving, like a pole, and abusing it can be the key to winning a team fight
Submitted by wKaien 1 week ago