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You won't take any damage from Bomb King's ultimate if you use Battle Shout at the same time that BK explodes.
Submitted by PedTr 4 months ago
Ying's illusions can be used as barriers when BK is at his ultimate, they prevent BK from moving, like a pole, and abusing it can be the key to winning a team fight
Submitted by wKaien 5 months ago
Illusions can also be affected by exile (last in the atlas), so use your clones to try to make him spend some charges on them.
Submitted by wKaien 5 months ago
When using Barik's Dome Shield (Ultimate) is broken when Raum uses Cataclysm (Ultimate), try to avoid using it when Raum's Ultimate is ready.
Submitted by Sknz 5 months ago
Andro kills everything very quickly so a Buck cannot take their time. With this in mind you should throw up reversal as soon as you see buck to block that first shot and more important negate the net shot as well as forcing a jump to avoid the revers
Submitted by Shadowpuppy 5 months ago