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When terminus uses his ult to get back alive, use reversal. If you time this ability right, you can fire over 3000 damage towards terminus and let your teammates or yourself finish him off.
Submitted by h0pT0_Gaming 3 months ago
This applies when you are fighting ANY champion, use Khan's ability where he can pick up enemies to throw them off the map, this is very useful if the map has many ledges you can chuck enemies off.
Submitted by h0pT0_Gaming 4 months ago
General vs Vivian
Vivian's shield only protects in front of her, use a flank champion such as Skye to attack her from behind. With any champion you should still try to attack her if doesn't notice you.
Submitted by h0pT0_Gaming 4 months ago
General vs Vivian
Vivian’s only way to do damage to you is her gun. When the ultimate is up, she’s really dangerous. Her sentinels have AoE, and their size is kinda big, too. Try to focus her sentinels when her ultimate is up, so she isn’t so bursty.
Submitted by QueenaUwU 4 months ago
don't try to repeatedly stun the enemy because the enemy can be stunned only every 3 second(unless you're using the wekono's wrath legendary) and that goes for every enemy. otherwise it's a good plan to use your stuns in 1v1
Submitted by Shiro_Tempest32 4 months ago