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Overall, Skye counters Io. Skye does too much damage to Io and Io doesn't have a good escape or anything that can cleanse Skye's poison. Though when Skye tries to ult the point, you can ult as well to immune the damage. That's about it though.
Submitted by ConcernedCitizen 4 months ago
More to say. A Over the Moon vs +max blast shield is only 50 less dmg than normal shot vs no blast shield. If you see enemy drogoz is low, forget what you are doing and end him. If he is good, you have just saved your team a lot of pain.
Submitted by LeCheech 4 months ago
Both have insane vertical mobility, drogoz has more HP and a faster/harder hitting projectile and a lot of aerial sustain. Drog can almost insta kill you. Use surprise, and if you see he is low blink + soar ABOVE him to finish him off.
Submitted by LeCheech 4 months ago
gg ez zhin it's strongest than vivian
Submitted by Cabral04 4 months ago
Inara is a time sink for you because she has too much health and damage mitigation. Though you still counter her because Inara is weak at long range and she's not mobile enough to chase you down.
Submitted by ConcernedCitizen 5 months ago