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Always reach the objective before Terminus and place one turret on the enemy side. This way if terminus stays on the point and uses his siphon your turret will keep doing damage and force Terminus to stop using siphon to destroy turret or move back.
Submitted by Rambo 1 month ago
Since Moji is constantly firing, you can land a free 600 damage from counter, and you can cleanse magic marks with billow then whirl away to poke from a distance
Submitted by demiank11 1 month ago
You can burst her down very quickly. If she uses shadow travel, you can try to follow her and finish her off. But don't overextend, since she might get some help by a teammate
Submitted by Floreee 1 month ago
Maeve is probably the safest pick against Raum, cause its hard for him to hit you. He also has high damage-falloff, you don't, so you can use that to your advantage and keep your distance.
Submitted by Floreee 1 month ago
If you see a khan going Commanders grab, switch to Treacherous ground (Warder's field) because when you place it down he wont be able to grab you, and if he uses it to get into point, as long as youre in Warder's field he will be stopped.
Submitted by Lexislex 1 month ago