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General vs Moji
In close range, depending on their timing of popping their Magic Marks on you, Moji can deal up to 1000 damage per second. Never give her a chance to flank and make sure to focus her down after she pops her Magic Barrier and scampers away.
Submitted by ProfessorShyGuy62 1 month ago
you flank him from behind with grumpy bomb and bye strix
Submitted by ImZukulento 1 month ago
Killing Terminus with 'Snack Time' prevents him from using his reanimation ult.
Submitted by VibriVibRibbon 2 months ago
If you have enough Shield active and are close enough, you can nullify her and finish her off before she can use Hunter's Mark or Fire Bomb.
Submitted by VibriVibRibbon 2 months ago
Tyra has no movement abilities to run away, block her escape with a wall or use Warder's Field if she's close enough.
Submitted by VibriVibRibbon 2 months ago