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Since people like to run Enforcer and spam Juggernaut, try and save your Setback for when he winds up his dash.
Submitted by Toxic-Nightshade 4 months ago
Never, NEVER ult first. Save it for when he innevitably grabs you and tosses you off the map. When he does, spam your ult button - it will stop your momentum the moment he lets go, and bring you back to safety.
Submitted by Devcon 4 months ago
You have much more mobility in your kit, which you can use to stay safe. Also pay attention to other enemies in the surrounding area. If you can eliminate them, you can gather up your teammates and make the rest history.
Submitted by StandingWater 4 months ago
Use you shield to absorb massive damage from moji, also moji's snack time can be blocked with it
Submitted by rdogder 5 months ago
Sidestep her beam before hitting her with a shoulderbash. Rest should be easy and might even force a panic ult out of her.
Submitted by RyevAlki 5 months ago