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from a pro buck player i can only tell that u should play the ``ENSNARE Default Talent`` try to track her by using audio and when she shows up hit her with you`r ``Shotgun`` and then throw her with a ``Net Shot`` then another shot and shes gone :)
Submitted by HunterYou2002 2 months ago
Again if she tries to escape his death with smoke bomb if you chose deja vu, you can use setback in area and send her forward away from the smoke, and with less health ready to be killed.
Submitted by diablo496 2 months ago
As atlas it depends on the ability you choose, when she uses his smoke bomb (because is low at health) if you choose unestable fissure you can leave a bomb that deals 900dmg in area so you kill her.
Submitted by diablo496 2 months ago
General vs Vivian
When playing Vivian note that you can cancel your shield, I see lower level players keep it up when they aren't using it which means they have to wait longer to be able to use it again.
Submitted by h0pT0_Gaming 3 months ago
Skye is a big counter so hear are some 3 tips to counter her 1: try to stay close to your team and try to flare your back 2 : headshot her and pistol her down but is hard 3: make a deck with ROOST on lv 5 so is hard to kill you when you are scoping
Submitted by Ralice 3 months ago