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- Buy Blast Shields - Approach him with the acid and play offensive/flanky, if the rest of his team is occupied - Time your hardening ability when finding yourself in bombs - Take care to not get slowed down by the harpoon in front of enemy team
Submitted by ShishiMeow 6 months ago
General vs Willo
If Willo uses her skills wisely, you won't be able to beat her up close. At first you should find higher one than her position that you can suprise and chase her out of. Willo is not very good at dealing with flying or high mobility enemies.
Submitted by Vfawek 6 months ago
General vs Grover
His insta heal is big, but only when ally is in his circle. Firstly you and "your allies" should pay attention to "his allies" and them occupy with something. Then when Grover is left alone it's your chance to challenge him on solo fight.
Submitted by Vfawek 6 months ago
General vs Atlas
Atlas is high damage tank very dangerous on solo fight. He can undo all dmg he has dealt for quite a while. He also can cancel all healing (self and from others) you've gained. To counter him you should always be with an ally to put pressure on him.
Submitted by Vfawek 6 months ago
Atlas Deja Vu is great counter to seris group burst heals as he can setback enemies to their lowest hp
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 7 months ago