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Lex, while able to flank and hurt you, is a bit weak when using an oppressor loadout against him. Don't underestimate your own close range power and you should always watch your sides and back. Being highly aware of the map layout is also recommended
Submitted by CreeperBen 2 weeks ago
when you see BK ults, use your barrier to block it.
Submitted by Anonymous 3 weeks ago
A good tip is if you run Faustian Bargain, you can technically bait Furia into trying to kill you, then let it run out, use it again, behind her, and hit your abilities on her, and it would be a free kill.
Submitted by Anonymous 4 weeks ago
General vs Furia
A General tip is whenever she pops her ult and decides to have lifesteal on, counter her by popping cauterize on her, using a seris ult, even decent Androxus players and Maeve players can take her out, if they run a good build
Submitted by Anonymous 4 weeks ago
Inara is your biggest counter. If inara uses her wall, then that means her CC immunity is likely on cooldown. I like to hide behind her wall, charge my seccondary fire, and launch her away from the point the moment the wall comes down.
Submitted by Chris 1 month ago