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Try to get the first hit on him, if you do, Sha Lin will have to options, attack you like crazy or be invisible to run. If he attacks, use your magic barrier or attack too, if you get one more hit he is done. If he goes invisible, use your breath.
Submitted by PaumDiMinuto 1 week ago
When Vivian shows up with her shield, Moji is useles, and you don't have any chance against her. Try to run from her and wait until her shield is out. But if you buy wrecker you can easily break her shield and beat her timing your magic barrier.
Submitted by PaumDiMinuto 1 week ago
just.. grab him while or before he runs... and farm ult charge of him
Submitted by iampiofficial 1 month ago
Try not to prioritize to kill him first. Let him as your last dessert. But you still can win against terminus in certain map if you have advantages of controlling high place with abbys spike. Use your tp, term cant hit you from far.
Submitted by unknownyou 2 months ago
To win against zhin, you need better position(high place) and good eye. Look at zhin loadouts first. Dont attack when zhin use counter. Fighting zhin is similiar like fighting koga, both are confusing. But in reality is not, as long you watch zhin.
Submitted by unknownyou 2 months ago