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Torv is a great counter to flanks, especially ability-dependent ones. To be safe against Zhin stay in the backline with damages and healers, and chip away his health. the second Zhin tries to leave, ~1/2 health, just nullify. he'll be a sitting duck.
Submitted by Falling2Fast 10 months ago
As Buck, don't engage against tanks- especially Torv. he can outlast recovery (1k vs 2.2k), block leap with nullify, and chip you down. Again you've lost damage from a blocked leap, you lose your escape, you can't heal mid-fight, and he outlasts you.
Submitted by Falling2Fast 10 months ago
General vs Maeve
You can triple jump ! Double jump, use pounce then jump again. It's quite useful to change momentum or stabilize yourself when shooting from above.
Submitted by ecrevissemiroir 11 months ago
is just me or anyone got one tapped by cassie?
Submitted by ndrem 11 months ago
Saati is hard to tag because of her mobility. Use the blade to slow her down and spam chakrams at her.
Submitted by Anush 1 year ago