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There isn't much you can do against her ult, but if you get hit by dead zone, Magic Barrier will cleanse the effects instantly. Since most Willo's run Nightshade, re--position out of dead zone and make use of Toot and cancel scamper against a wall.
Submitted by ProfessorShyGuy62 1 month ago
Try to predict the spit-salvo combo coming, and use your vine to quickly escape. People often forget that, as Grover, you can vine onto champions as well. A good place to find yourself when playing VS Drogoz is either behind walls or next to your DPS
Submitted by Onixy 1 month ago
Furia generates her ult extremely fast. If your team finds itself in a situation where someone needs to touch the point, don't hesitate to use your ult as damage immunity to touch and get out quickly. Plus, you're getting the buff afterward.
Submitted by Onixy 1 month ago
Damba suffers worst from the stuns, but he can slither out of almost anything. If a BK is ulting you, slither THROUGH him, because it is very hard for BK to turn around. If you have your F on cooldown, pre-gourd yourself before any stuns, out-heal it
Submitted by Onixy 1 month ago
General vs Inara
Inara can hide her Warden's field behind the wall (I do this often too with her). This can surprise you and get you in trouble especially if she's using the cripple card. She will take the wall down and you stay crippled exposed to enemy team.
Submitted by czdraconis 1 month ago