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Tips for Evie vs Bomb King

Never us ice block around bomb king unless you are either trying to block grumpy bomb (try to time grumpy bomb’s detonation; quickly use ice block and immediately cancel then soar or blink away) or his ultimate. He’s pretty easy to deal with though.
Submitted by Sir_MagnusBane 5 years ago
When she uses any of her mobility ability throw a grumpy bomb close to u so u can stun her and kill her. When she use the ice block ability, put a grumpy bomb next to her and surround her with bomb. Then when she comes out detonate all the bombs.
Submitted by Templealchemist 6 years ago

Tips for Bomb King vs Evie

When Evie goes into Ice Block, throw bombs on the ground next to her feet and detonate as soon as she gets out of Ice Block for an instakill.
Submitted by s0lidsneak 7 years ago
Two Sticky Bombs will down an Evie, hit your shots. If you anticipate being rushed put down a Grumpy Bomb. If you need to disengage use Poppy Bomb, then you need to finish the job before it finishes you.
Submitted by Garthean 6 years ago
If Evie uses her Ice Block to heal herself or to avoid damage, you can scatter Sticky Bombs around the Ice Block so you can hopefully kill her. Good reaction time is the key!
Submitted by TheMikirog 7 years ago