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Evie really isn’t supposed to engage with the other Flanks. But in some situations you may have to. You are most likely to win a 1v1 with Maeve by using Evie’s Sbowglobe talent. Maeve at full health will best you at close range.
Submitted by Sir_MagnusBane 3 years ago
General vs Evie
You must be unpredictable; and accurate with ice staff. You need to always be doing something with her. Looking around for enemies and just be a complete nuisance.She takes time, practice, and patience to play her well. High skill, High reward!
Submitted by Sir_MagnusBane 3 years ago
Evie’s kryptonite. She’s a pain to deal with as an Evie main. You’ll have to catch her off-guard while she’s focus on one of your teammates, but when she’s uses away or/and reposition yourself because you have her attention now.
Submitted by Sir_MagnusBane 3 years ago
Never us ice block around bomb king unless you are either trying to block grumpy bomb (try to time grumpy bomb’s detonation; quickly use ice block and immediately cancel then soar or blink away) or his ultimate. He’s pretty easy to deal with though.
Submitted by Sir_MagnusBane 3 years ago