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Tips for the matchup: Bomb King vs. Evie



When she uses Ice Block, toss Sticky Bombs at the ground around her. Detonate as soon as she lets the block down for huge damage, especially with Chain Reaction. If she uses Wormhole, toss bombs at where she originally was to punish any return warps.
Submitted by ObamaExperience 4 years ago
BK is one of Evie's best counters, if you run a BK vs Evie take the royal subjects talent (since the hitbox of royal subjects is so big it won't be hard to hit Evie). If you see a Evie ice blocking stack some bombs near her and detonate them
Submitted by Oribrosh 5 years ago
always remember to use your poppy bomb to escape. Practice poopy bomb jumping in shooting range. And always throw grumpy bomb close to u when a flank is attacking u. And set trap using both grumpy bomb and bomb and explode it when evie is out.
Submitted by Templealchemist 6 years ago
Because of His high damage and Her low healt she is easy to counter,but if she is in use of a pro she can be very annoying.If your enemy is a good Evie player try killing her with traps around her ice block or kill her when she cant use her attaks.
Submitted by Flelirium 6 years ago
When Evie is in ice block, throw your sticky bombs on the ground next to her. As she comes out of the ice block detonate your bombs to kill her.
Submitted by Freddy2424 6 years ago