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General vs Evie
If Evie uses Wormhole, try to pick up on any trends. Does she always warp back? Does she warp after using Soar? Does she like to warp up in the air? Use this information to predict her movements and take her down.
Submitted by ObamaExperience 2 months ago
When she uses Ice Block, toss Sticky Bombs at the ground around her. Detonate as soon as she lets the block down for huge damage, especially with Chain Reaction. If she uses Wormhole, toss bombs at where she originally was to punish any return warps.
Submitted by ObamaExperience 2 months ago
Lian's biggest advantage is superior range/pokes. Use the map to your advantage and try to sneak up on her, and once you're close enough you should be able to take her out. Use Shadow Step to evade her Presence and especially her ult.
Submitted by ObamaExperience 2 months ago
Not much you can do against Inara. If you're set on killing her, buy Bulldozer 3 and help your teammates tear down her deployables. Shadow Step her ult if she tries to hit you with it. Don't go in alone, because you don't have the power to finish it.
Submitted by ObamaExperience 2 months ago