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When Evie goes into Ice Block, throw bombs on the ground next to her feet and detonate as soon as she gets out of Ice Block for an instakill.
Submitted by s0lidsneak 6 years ago
Have a mine down near you and snipe Buck as he approaches you, with a fully charged shot and finish him off with the carbine.
Submitted by s0lidsneak 6 years ago
When sniping an Evie who is about to leave Ice Block, aim a little bit in front of her path in the direction she's facing because she will usually blink after leaving the block and tends to walk forward a bit first.
Submitted by s0lidsneak 6 years ago
Learn how to bunnyhop and you can hop out when sniping the enemy Sha Lin across the map. It would confuse him seeing you flying up in the air and lunging across the map a pretty far distance. Learn how here:
Submitted by s0lidsneak 6 years ago