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General vs Cassie
Don't engage her in a fight when you're near pits. Her Disengage arrow can wish you an instant death.
Submitted by TheMikirog 6 years ago
General vs Lex
Lex has the loudest footsteps in the game. Turning off music and using good headphones might help you pinpoint his current position if he's behind a wall.
Submitted by TheMikirog 6 years ago
Slither cancels Hunter's Mark. Giving your position as a healer is bad, so it may be a good idea to slither away to get rid of it. You can still heal your teammates from a distance!
Submitted by TheMikirog 6 years ago
General vs Talus
If enemy Talus isn't using Faustian Bargain legendary, after finding his rune, it's guaranteed he's going to teleport here after a couple of seconds. Use it to your advantage, when confronting him.
Submitted by TheMikirog 6 years ago