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If you have Chain Reaction legendary, place some Sticky Bombs around Evie in Ice Block and time your detonation right, so you can punish her for staying in it for too long.
Submitted by TheMikirog 6 years ago
Force Torvald to use his Recharge ability, before you pull out your Energy Shield. If you pull it before he uses his ability, he might sustain on the point longer and your shield will be severely crippled.
Submitted by TheMikirog 7 years ago
Your charge is not much worse than Ash's. You can do it more often and it's just enough to negate Ash's knockback.
Submitted by TheMikirog 6 years ago
You can Pounce and throw knives in order to heavily damage Evie when she just left her Ice Block. It lasts three secondsor earlier, so good reaction time and/or timing is important!
Submitted by TheMikirog 6 years ago