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Tips for Maeve vs Evie

Maeve's ability to stay airborne makes it hard for Evie to shoot down on her and use the ground for AoE damage.
Submitted by DrYoshiyahu 5 years ago
Always jump. Evie has slow projectile speed, making it even harder for her to hit you.
Submitted by TheLegend27 5 years ago
When Evie leaves Ice Block, there's a brief moment where she vulnerable before she can Blink away. Time your Pounce and Daggers to finish Evie off if her HP is low, or for some parting damage if she has the Reprive legendary card.
Submitted by RainEStar 5 years ago

Tips for Evie vs Maeve

Just pick something else. Maeve's mobility combined with her Double Jump and small hitbox makes it merely possible to land a shot on her, while she can burst you down in a few nanoseconds. Simply avoid her.
Submitted by TWELit 4 years ago
Evie really isn’t supposed to engage with the other Flanks. But in some situations you may have to. You are most likely to win a 1v1 with Maeve by using Evie’s Sbowglobe talent. Maeve at full health will best you at close range.
Submitted by Sir_MagnusBane 4 years ago