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Always jump. Evie has slow projectile speed, making it even harder for her to hit you.
Submitted by TheLegend27 5 years ago
General vs Evie
A good is Evie is good at dodging incoming fire. Always predict your enemies's moves. If you know that kinessa is going to fire her shot, Blink or Ice block. Same goes for shalin, cassie (after dodge roll), grover and others
Submitted by TheLegend27 5 years ago
General vs Evie
If going for a surprise attack or finishing off an enemy, the best tip is to blink in the air. And when youre close to your enemy FIRE. Doing this makes it easier to hit people
Submitted by TheLegend27 5 years ago
General vs Evie
If you know that youre weapon is going to hit an enemy, use ice block. Becuase there's a chance that you will die before your bullet fire will hit the enemy. (Only use it when you think and know that its going to hit them)
Submitted by TheLegend27 5 years ago