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General vs Pip
If Pip is pressured, you might force him to use his Healing Potion on himself to survive or if he's playing selfishly. Cauterize helps alot in countering him.
Submitted by TheMikirog 7 years ago
If your Sticky Bomb is stuck on Seris and she uses Shadow Travel, the Sticky Bomb stuck on her will still be visible. You can track her down that way, but you won't be able to attack, unless you decide to detonate your "tracking device".
Submitted by TheMikirog 6 years ago
If Kinessa uses Suppression legendary, Resilence is a must. Before confronting her, get rid of her mines. Otherwise it's impossible to even get close to her.
Submitted by TheMikirog 7 years ago
General vs Willo
Most of Willo's kit relies on area denial. After Seedling or Dead Zone have been used, it's better to stay out of reach. Remember that she has quite a large cooldown for those abilities!
Submitted by TheMikirog 6 years ago