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Run the Treacherous Ground Talent, and use your Warder's Field to cripple Makoa. He won't be able to use his spin, and this makes him an easy target for your team. If he uses his shield, just stay inside of it and shoot him from the inside.
Submitted by Genavelle 5 years ago
If you see Torvald preparing to use his Ulti, put Impasse right in front of him (or even if he has just started his Ulti). It will block his ulti, giving your teammates a chance to find cover.
Submitted by Genavelle 5 years ago
Watch for Strix's Flare. His Flare gun will reveal you not only to him, but also his teammates. Try to avoid it if you can, or if you get revealed, hang back until it ends, and then try to take an unpredictable path from your current location.
Submitted by Genavelle 5 years ago
Lex deals a ton of damage, super fast. Make sure you have a loadout where the cast time for Shadow Travel is reduced, because he can easily kill you while you're still casting.
Submitted by Genavelle 5 years ago