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Tips for Skye vs Strix

Watch for Strix's Flare. His Flare gun will reveal you not only to him, but also his teammates. Try to avoid it if you can, or if you get revealed, hang back until it ends, and then try to take an unpredictable path from your current location.
Submitted by Genavelle 5 years ago

Tips for Strix vs Skye

Skye is a big counter so hear are some 3 tips to counter her 1: try to stay close to your team and try to flare your back 2 : headshot her and pistol her down but is hard 3: make a deck with ROOST on lv 5 so is hard to kill you when you are scoping
Submitted by Ralice 4 years ago
Use illuminate card when she comes near you attack use stealth and snipe dont miss and quickly switch to pistol to finish this whoore.
Submitted by jojojet99 5 years ago