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Tips for Inara vs Torvald

If you see Torvald preparing to use his Ulti, put Impasse right in front of him (or even if he has just started his Ulti). It will block his ulti, giving your teammates a chance to find cover.
Submitted by Genavelle 6 years ago
Inara and Makoa make a great pair! Use Makoas hook to pull Torvald in, and wall them off with Inara.
Submitted by SnakeNox 7 years ago
For tanky champions like Torvald, use your ultimate to stun them then run in and place your warders field.
Submitted by MoeSmif 7 years ago

Tips for Torvald vs Inara

Inara is able to block your ultimate using her wall, and does not use any shields which torvald can siphon.
Submitted by Proud2bTryhard 7 years ago