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Tips for Inara vs Makoa

Impasse can deny Makoa a shot and/or kill on his anchor target if done fast enough. Hold down the skill button and release after Makoa throws the anchor, putting the wall between him & the target (this can also save you as well).
Submitted by Kraanox 6 years ago
Run the Treacherous Ground Talent, and use your Warder's Field to cripple Makoa. He won't be able to use his spin, and this makes him an easy target for your team. If he uses his shield, just stay inside of it and shoot him from the inside.
Submitted by Genavelle 5 years ago
Inara is the best frontliner counter for Makoa in game. Not only her wall is a great way to counter the hook, walling off makoa from point and your allies, her field makes Makoa useless if he hooks her or uses the shell.
Submitted by Popcioslav 6 years ago

Tips for Makoa vs Inara

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