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General vs Viktor
As a frontline, Viktor's Barrage will be blocked by your shield if the center of the blast is outside your shield. The missiles are just a visual effect, and the explosions actually spawn at ground level.
Submitted by Kraanox 4 years ago
General vs Inara
Inara's Impasse has very high health and can be annoying to take down, especially without Bulldozer. If the enemy Inara happens to use it near the payload, remember that if the payload touches it it will instantly be destroyed.
Submitted by Kraanox 4 years ago
General vs Willo
As a support, be wary of Dead Zone! Do not stand inside it unless it's unavoidable and do not attempt to use healing abilities on allies affected by it until they've been cleansed. Remember that the effect lasts for 2 seconds after exiting.
Submitted by Kraanox 4 years ago
General vs Inara
Inara's weapon is accurate and the projectiles are fast but it fires its burst slowly and has very noticeable falloff at mid range. Erratic movement and keeping your distance will reduce her output effectively.
Submitted by Kraanox 4 years ago