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General vs Barik
Dome Shield is destroyed immediately if Barik is killed while it is active.
Submitted by Kraanox 3 years ago
Impasse can deny Makoa a shot and/or kill on his anchor target if done fast enough. Hold down the skill button and release after Makoa throws the anchor, putting the wall between him & the target (this can also save you as well).
Submitted by Kraanox 3 years ago
General vs Fernando
Immortal will stop Fernando's allies from dieing, but unlike him they aren't CC immune. If need be they can be knocked back or stunned. Or chickened.
Submitted by Kraanox 3 years ago
General vs Grover
Grover is NOT CC immune during his ultimate, however if he is stunned/chickened it will not interrupt his healing AOE.
Submitted by Kraanox 3 years ago