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General vs Yagorath
Percentage Based Damage Champions like Skye, Tyra or Vora with Unyielding Pressure can counter Yagorath due to her huge health pool.
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 3 weeks ago
When she has her dragon, you can use your ultimate to execute him if he is below 65% health, so try to save your ultimate when u know imani also has her ultimate up.
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 1 month ago
Debilitate Skye bursts Yagorath down quickly, especially if you have a Tank Burner built for her.
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 3 weeks ago
Corvus stun is great counter to khan, as it passes through his shield and leaves him vulnerable for the kill. He's also an easy target to hit your knife.
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 4 days ago