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General vs Atlas
When playing healer in high rank games, try to hide behind cover immediately when Atlas ults, as smart players will banish the enemy healer, sometimes twice for 8s without healing your team!
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 6 months ago
you can rewind while drogoz is about to hit you with his ultimate
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 2 months ago
General vs Yagorath
Percentage Based Damage Champions like Skye, Tyra or Vora with Unyielding Pressure can counter Yagorath due to her huge health pool.
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 5 months ago
General vs Vora
Champions with a lot of vertical mobility like Andro or Drogoz can counter her, as she cannot stay in the air for longand her attacks are projectiles, which are difficult to hit to a flying enemy.
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 5 months ago