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Temporal divide counters drogoz because your shield protects the whole team while you can poke him and setbacks are way easier to hit than with deja vu talent
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 1 month ago
Lex's Ultimate completely destroys Barik's Ultimate, so try to save it for the right time.
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 5 months ago
This matchup is extremely difficult, but try to make her waste her fire by going planted, then immediately switching to travel form. (note that you will still take much damage but it won't be an insta kill)
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 3 months ago
You can actually track down skye when she goes invisible because of your damage numbers over time and the big hitbox on your attacks.
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 4 months ago