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Saati's reveals counter Sha and she also has the range to fight him if she gets the first shot. Having Seek (Increase the duration of Dead Ringer’s reveal on destruction by {0.5|0.5}s) on high levels hard counters him, especially Sand Trap.
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 8 months ago
Temporal divide counters drogoz because your shield protects the whole team while you can poke him and setbacks are way easier to hit than with deja vu talent
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 1 year ago
Vatu needs to come close to your teammates to deal signifant damage, so if you are playing cripple always keep an eye on them and cripple him as soon as he dives
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 6 months ago
General vs Vora
Champions with a lot of vertical mobility like Andro or Drogoz can counter her, as she cannot stay in the air for longand her attacks are projectiles, which are difficult to hit to a flying enemy.
Submitted by TheGodzlayerXx 1 year ago