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General vs Viktor
His ultimate will completely ignore shields (Including Barik's ultimate) and instead will instead do direct health damage. Find a blindspot instead of trying to tank the damage as a frontline champion.
Submitted by Guilion 4 years ago
General vs Torvald
As a frontliner, try to bait out Recharge by using secondary shield abilities (i.e Safe Travel, Bowling Ball, Protection ) and activate your main shield after his ability ends to avoid him siphoning it.
Submitted by Kraanox 4 years ago
Pip's ult now can turn Makoa in a chicken even in his ult
Submitted by DDPedro 4 years ago
General vs Torvald
If you are a front liner with a shield, try to use wrecker to force him to use Recharge. You can then shield without Torvald being able to absorb it.
Submitted by Ironmonger42 4 years ago
General vs Grover
Mal'Damba vs Mal'Damba fights are extremely uncommon, limited only to casual, but if you want to live, throw your snake second.
Submitted by AsteroidCat 4 years ago