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Tips for Skye vs Lex

If Skye is playing against a Lex, it is best to just run away, as she will have little ability to defend herself, and will easily be shredded apart by Lex.
Submitted by CounterFite318 6 years ago
Skye will lose if up against Lex. Make sure you either have the last pick, or make a team member pick Lex, so that you remove the risk of facing him in competitive.
Submitted by SnakeNox 6 years ago
In a general way, avoid character who is able to do big damage in a single shot, you will often loose unless they are already low.
Submitted by ploop 6 years ago

Tips for Lex vs Skye

When you are outside of stealth detection range but within the Retribution range, the insignia will still appear above Skye even though she is invisible. Shoot below it for expected results.
Submitted by warriorman222 6 years ago
Try to re-roll Retribution as often as you can until you can see Skye. Then you have an incredible advantage and should dominate her easily.
Submitted by manniL 6 years ago
Use Retribution to exclusively target Skye. With Discover, your entire team will be able to see Skye coming from a mile away. Combine with the item Keen Sights for added visibility
Submitted by SnakeNox 6 years ago