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General vs Zhin
Try to burst Zhin. When he uses Counter, run to a safe distance, then open fire like hell. Additionally, his attacks are very inconsistent, so if you are a character with a burst type weapon, you will usually win.
Submitted by CounterFite318 3 years ago
If playing against a Viktor, or any other hitscan champion, try flanking them, because they will have a longer time to react to the damage, and you can unload about two shots before they will detect you and start firing.
Submitted by CounterFite318 3 years ago
General vs Maeve
While Maeve is very difficult to pin down exactly, champs like Drogoz or Evie don't necessarily have to aim precisely in order to hit her. Additionally, abilities like Seedling are extremely hazardous to Maeve, because they have a very large AoE.
Submitted by CounterFite318 3 years ago
General vs Skye
Heroes who have a card that allows them to reveal enemies with weapon shots are extremely strong against Skye. For example, Viktor's Predator card allows him to reveal targets for half a second every time they get hit by Iron Sights.
Submitted by CounterFite318 3 years ago