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Tips for the matchup: Lex vs. Skye



If you use the "Heroism" talent, you can use Combat Slide to protect yourself from Skye's ultimate by timing it with the blast.
Submitted by Asanthri 5 years ago
Try to re-roll Retribution as often as you can until you can see Skye. Then you have an incredible advantage and should dominate her easily.
Submitted by manniL 6 years ago
Use Retribution to exclusively target Skye. With Discover, your entire team will be able to see Skye coming from a mile away. Combine with the item Keen Sights for added visibility
Submitted by SnakeNox 6 years ago
Lex is a thorn in the foot for Skye as she depends mostly on her stealth and when you track her it's more than easy to take her down with lex's insane damage normally it should only take up to two hits
Submitted by Maxjohn 6 years ago
When you are outside of stealth detection range but within the Retribution range, the insignia will still appear above Skye even though she is invisible. Shoot below it for expected results.
Submitted by warriorman222 6 years ago