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General vs Zhin
It may sound very trivial, but when Zhin enters his counter stance, stop attacking him immediatly, or, if you play an area damage champion, try to aim for his back or sides!
Submitted by manniL 7 years ago
When using the "Battering Ram" legendary card, you can migitate 90% of Skyes ultimate damage by charging Shoulder Bash
Submitted by manniL 7 years ago
Use your "Through Time and Space" ability when Ruckus activates his own ultimate ("Hexa Fire"). He can't move while using it, so you'll hit him definitely!
Submitted by manniL 6 years ago
General vs Seris
Her projectiles fly very slowly. It is important to dodge them so she can neither heal herself nor deal damage.
Submitted by manniL 7 years ago