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Your illusions is a counter to Drogoz ulti; if Drogoz crashes into your illusions, he kills the illusion, not you. Hiding behind your illusion is a good idea, or move towards Drogoz and place ur illusion to soak the ulti for your grateful teammates.
Submitted by korathlee 5 years ago
Always get Chronos. When Grover roots you with cripple, put up your shield, then rocket boots away. Loadout that allows turrets to heal you can also be useful.
Submitted by korathlee 5 years ago
Go up close to Grover when fighting him 1v1. You deal more damage to closer enemies, Grover does less damage to close enemies. Don't forget to place turrets; it grants you extra bonus damage.
Submitted by korathlee 5 years ago
Don't attack Grover when he ults. Reload your ammo, and wait your abilities to cooldown. His healing is more than the damage you can deal.
Submitted by korathlee 5 years ago