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Ruckus is vulnerable when he uses his ult. Remain out of his focus and shoot him down.
Submitted by Asanthri 5 years ago
Because Ash's basic weapon explodes after a fixed distance, with good spacing she can easily hit Vivian around her Deflector Shield, even damaging both simultaneously. Similarly, the exploding shot means you can easily damage Vivian's ultimate drones
Submitted by Asanthri 6 months ago
When Vivian's ult is up, combo your Fire Spit and Salvo on her. The AoE damage will seriously hurt her and her ult drones, if not outright kill. If you can't get close enough, poke her from a distance.
Submitted by Asanthri 1 year ago
Try to wait until after Terminus uses his ult to use yours on him. If you Dragon Punch before he ults, he'll just come back to life and you'll be at risk of being in the blast.
Submitted by Asanthri 5 years ago