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Tips for Drogoz vs Inara

Drogoz is a good counter since he flies and inaras projectiles are hard to hit and specially if you have W.Y.R.M Jets.If you are good at aiming then the direct shot damage bonus may even be better.
Submitted by Lightheart 6 years ago
When Inara is using the Treacherous Ground talent, keep your distance from her. If you get caught in her Warder's Field then you'll have no good way to get out.
Submitted by Asanthri 5 years ago

Tips for Inara vs Drogoz

To avoid a Drogoz ult, find a corner and wall yourself as close as possible without "jumping on top" of your wall. This will prevent the Drogoz from reaching you.
Submitted by Annorino 5 years ago
you can block drogoz's ultimate by using impasse on the right moment
Submitted by Guy3nder 6 years ago