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Use Pursuit only when the enemy is low on health since it doesn't do as much damage and if you don't kill them with it you could possibly die,since you are vulnerable and aren't doing as much damage to kill them.
Submitted by Lightheart 7 years ago
Easy way to kill a fernando is to get behind the enemy and hit him from the back which will force him to turn around leaving him vulnerable to champions that were in front of him before,but you will have to be careful of his allies.
Submitted by Lightheart 7 years ago
Drogoz is a good counter since he flies and inaras projectiles are hard to hit and specially if you have W.Y.R.M Jets.If you are good at aiming then the direct shot damage bonus may even be better.
Submitted by Lightheart 7 years ago
General vs Ying
Something most people don't realise is that Ying can do a lot of Damage Output. Which results in people running right in to kill her and then end up dying.Try to keep distance and kill her clones to decrease escape and healing options, then go in.
Submitted by Lightheart 7 years ago