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If you use the "Heroism" talent, you can use Combat Slide to protect yourself from Skye's ultimate by timing it with the blast.
Submitted by Asanthri 4 years ago
Try to avoid direct confrontation with Lian. She has a lot of burst damage, two abilities with auto-aim, and her ultimate is essentially an automatic win button for her. Engage with your teammates.
Submitted by Asanthri 4 years ago
Don't use the Solar Blessing talent when fighting Willo! She can simply place her Dead Zone on top of where your Pyre Strike stops and completely negate the healing.
Submitted by Asanthri 3 years ago
Despite the obvious counterplay, don't use your ult exclusively to counter Makoa ult. He can simply wait for you to die to use his ult, and you can charge yours significantly faster than Makoa can charge his anyway.
Submitted by Asanthri 4 years ago