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Tips for Willo - How to play best against him in general



General vs Willo
Most of Willo's kit relies on area denial. After Seedling or Dead Zone have been used, it's better to stay out of reach. Remember that she has quite a large cooldown for those abilities!
Submitted by TheMikirog 4 years ago
General vs Willo
As a support, be wary of Dead Zone! Do not stand inside it unless it's unavoidable and do not attempt to use healing abilities on allies affected by it until they've been cleansed. Remember that the effect lasts for 2 seconds after exiting.
Submitted by Kraanox 4 years ago
General vs Willo
Do not rush the objective when there is a deadzone placed. This means playing passively and prioritising targets on the enemy team while waiting for the deadzone to disappear. Once it's gone, the team can group up and start to slowly cap the point.
Submitted by defendingfaithx 3 years ago
General vs Willo
If Willo uses her skills wisely, you won't be able to beat her up close. At first you should find higher one than her position that you can suprise and chase her out of. Willo is not very good at dealing with flying or high mobility enemies.
Submitted by Vfawek 2 months ago
General vs Willo
Deadzone is not completely ground-based like Damba's gourd or Tyra's fire. It works like Viktor's ult which means that it can be blocked with shields as long as you're not exposed to the middle.
Submitted by Hexadermia 3 years ago