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General vs Willo
Do not rush the objective when there is a deadzone placed. This means playing passively and prioritising targets on the enemy team while waiting for the deadzone to disappear. Once it's gone, the team can group up and start to slowly cap the point.
Submitted by defendingfaithx 3 years ago
Viktor is not CC immune during Barrage! If you so happen to be close to an enemy Viktor using his ultimate, Runic Blast will prevent him from attacking for a few seconds, allowing you and your teammates to save themselves and/or kill the Viktor.
Submitted by defendingfaithx 3 years ago
General vs Zhin
Don't feed a Zhin's counter when he has the counter legendary! Treat it like Androxus' reversal, but one that can be done twice in a row. When you see a Zhin in counter stance go for one of his other teammates instead.
Submitted by defendingfaithx 3 years ago
Don't be afraid to get into Sha Lin's face as a Fernando in a 1v1 situation. Fernando's burn CC is not cancelled by Sha Lin's Withdraw, and with the Scorch legendary you can down him in no time.
Submitted by defendingfaithx 3 years ago