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General vs Willo
If Willo uses her skills wisely, you won't be able to beat her up close. At first you should find higher one than her position that you can suprise and chase her out of. Willo is not very good at dealing with flying or high mobility enemies.
Submitted by Vfawek 2 weeks ago
Imani can be easily stunned when she activate inferno canon and damage she deals from Frost Bolts and Pyre balls is very similar to damage Io deals from Light Bow. With one second out of combat Imani have no chances with Io and Luna together.
Submitted by Vfawek 2 weeks ago
Io can stun Terminus by Luna through his siphon. Damage she deals from weapon is higher than from calamity blast and if she bought nimmble she is uncatchable without Terminus' cards on speed. Without his assistance you shouldn't be afraid of him.
Submitted by Vfawek 2 weeks ago
General vs Androxus
Androxus is great at short distance but he also can do much from long distance. The best way to counter him is bait him to use Reversal unnecessarily and force him to waste all Nether Steps and just stay grouped up.
Submitted by Vfawek 2 weeks ago