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Tips for Maeve vs Mal'Damba

Watch out for Mal'Damba players, their stuns can be the end for you. Make sure to get resilience if you plan on taking them on alone to make the stunning as weak as possible. Until you get at least resilience 2, stay away from them.
Submitted by r1v3rl1ght 4 years ago
Mal'Damba's Ripened Gourd legendary is scary against Maeve. Try not to get too close to victims trying to heal up. It might be a good idea to move to somebody isolated or finish off weaker foes.
Submitted by TheMikirog 6 years ago

Tips for Mal'Damba vs Maeve

Don't fight Maeve if she doesn't have low health! Position yourself to the high ground on the back so that she'll need to use her movement abilities to get to you. If she does, group up with your tank or teammates and "spam" VBE to get assistance
Submitted by SoulOverCaos 6 years ago