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Watch out for Mal'Damba players, their stuns can be the end for you. Make sure to get resilience if you plan on taking them on alone to make the stunning as weak as possible. Until you get at least resilience 2, stay away from them.
Submitted by r1v3rl1ght 4 months ago
General vs Io
If you find IO while Luna is still active, instead of targeting Luna to get her down go for IO. When she dies, her fox dies. This is similar to Barik with his deployable and Inara with warder's field. They all are removed from the field after death
Submitted by r1v3rl1ght 5 months ago
General vs Maeve
Maeve can double jump, but newer players don't realize you can jump a third time after pounce. Experienced players use this to stay in the air for long periods of time (Rouges Gambit: jump, pounce/jump, 9 Lives, pounce/jump) use stun/cripple for this
Submitted by r1v3rl1ght 4 months ago
General vs Atlas
Watch out for his ability to leave behind an explosive fissure, and stay away from it! This would result in him getting healed and you taking severe damage. Make sure to track him too, so as soon as he is physical you can attack and kill him.
Submitted by r1v3rl1ght 6 months ago