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Once Andro knows where you are sniping from he is gonna take you down 8/10. You need to change position with your stealth as soon as you see him, before it's too late. Never use the same spot too often or you'll make it easier for him to get to you
Submitted by SoulOverCaos 2 years ago
Sha Lin needs to see you directly to hit a shot, but you don't. Use the map's corners to shoot him down with AoE damage while protected by the map, no need to waste your shield.
Submitted by SoulOverCaos 2 years ago
Best thing about Torvald? No movement ability or CC immunity ability, a perfect target for your stuns. By stunning him you can stop him from recharging his shield or using his ult, so he'll have to buy resiliance first instead of cauterize or wrecker
Submitted by SoulOverCaos 2 years ago
General vs Zhin
Zhin is annoyingly good at surviving fights using Counter and Billow. But keep in mind that while using his abilities he isn't a threat but a DISTRACTION. Just live him be and focus on an other enemy while you waith for his ability to expire
Submitted by SoulOverCaos 2 years ago