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If you Hyper Beam a Torvald off the map he won't be able to use his ult to get back
Submitted by SoulOverCaos 2 years ago
Don't fight Maeve if she doesn't have low health! Position yourself to the high ground on the back so that she'll need to use her movement abilities to get to you. If she does, group up with your tank or teammates and "spam" VBE to get assistance
Submitted by SoulOverCaos 2 years ago
With the Demolition legendary your Grumpy Bomb will stun Terminus even through he's Power Syphon, so that you can throw him Sticky Bomb to your heart's content. But you want to use your Grumpy to zone him out of the point, instead of aggressively
Submitted by SoulOverCaos 2 years ago