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If you play with zhin, it is advisable not to approach more than 20 feet from torvald, the greatest weakness that zhin can have is to be annulled and unable to escape.
Submitted by FierceDeity7 6 years ago
Zhin in one-on-one with Jenos will always be victorious, but if Jenos is with an ally nearby, Jenos will disqualify him with his empty grip and expose him to the damage of his allies.
Submitted by FierceDeity7 6 years ago
Tyra will have no chance if she faces 1 to 1 zhin, tyra can take advantage of her incendiary grenade to weaken the zhin counterattack and wait for her skill to be spent, then attack as quickly as possible.
Submitted by FierceDeity7 6 years ago