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Tips for Zhin vs Torvald

Prevention is the only thing that can be reliably used against Torvald. Just keep your distance from him and you will be fine.
Submitted by Garthean 6 years ago
you can counter trovald's ult
Submitted by yaziddz123 6 years ago
If you play with zhin, it is advisable not to approach more than 20 feet from torvald, the greatest weakness that zhin can have is to be annulled and unable to escape.
Submitted by FierceDeity7 6 years ago

Tips for Torvald vs Zhin

Torv is a great counter to flanks, especially ability-dependent ones. To be safe against Zhin stay in the backline with damages and healers, and chip away his health. the second Zhin tries to leave, ~1/2 health, just nullify. he'll be a sitting duck.
Submitted by Falling2Fast 1 year ago