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Tips for Zhin vs Jenos

Zhin in one-on-one with Jenos will always be victorious, but if Jenos is with an ally nearby, Jenos will disqualify him with his empty grip and expose him to the damage of his allies.
Submitted by FierceDeity7 6 years ago

Tips for Jenos vs Zhin

The only attacks Zhin's Counter Stance CANNOT counter is Jenos' Ultimate. Other than that it can counter literally any attack
Submitted by DoomSnake 6 years ago
The best way to deal with a Zhin trying to kill you is to play your deck with full life steal and use Jenos Luminary Legendary Card, this will get you a lot more of damage to make him use his billow and counter early, and you'll win 4/5 times
Submitted by rockindaroomjj 6 years ago