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General vs Zhin
Zhin's counter stance will allow him to counter ANY offensive ultimate especially with the counter legendary card. It can even counter torvald's hyper beam, Every hit of Makoa's Ancient rage or any damage ultimate you can think about. Tread lightly
Submitted by DoomSnake 6 years ago
Jenos' Void Grip can detect stealth. Even if the enemy Skye/Strix/Sha Lin Disappears S/he can still be void gripped since its basically auto aim. Use this when they try to disappear and Run away
Submitted by DoomSnake 6 years ago
General vs Jenos
Someone recently mentioned that when Ruckus uses his ult he can't move so use Jenos' ult then. Even if you do that it won't kill him since he's a high health tank unless he already has half of his health down. Instead see if your enemies are cornered
Submitted by DoomSnake 6 years ago
General vs Barik
Remember to get rid of enemy deployables especially Barik's turrets and even more when he has the turret legendary card. They are not something to be ignored because when they are you don't realize when you are getting damaged
Submitted by DoomSnake 6 years ago