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The only attacks Zhin's Counter Stance CANNOT counter is Jenos' Ultimate. Other than that it can counter literally any attack
Submitted by DoomSnake 3 years ago
If an androxus attempts reversal don't go to counter stance instead just wait a small second and then whirl and go behind him. Whirling will surely damage him no matter what and then suddenly being behind will surprise him and allow you to takedown
Submitted by DoomSnake 3 years ago
With the proper cards a fully charged shot of Kinessa will reveal any enemy for a brief time. This gives Kinessa the upper hand over Strix. But be careful, You have to land the initial shot first to detect him after he goes to stealth
Submitted by DoomSnake 3 years ago
General vs Talus
Currently, Talus' Ultimate is really weak and other than CC immunity, any swift movement can overcome it. Nimble (Literally just 300 credits) can overcome Talus' ultimate.
Submitted by DoomSnake 3 years ago